About Us

Blaque Elements was established March 2020 by Business Representative Veronica Weston. Veronica has always had a passion for living healthy and fashion. Darrell, her husband later joined her, May 2021 after suffering a major medical diagnose, that almost caused him his life. Since then, Darrell has become a advocate of spreading knowledge on why a healthy lifestyle is so important.

Living healthy takes a lot of mental discipline to not loose focus, as well as inspiration. Darrell and Veronica both wanted to inspire others as they continued their journey, and pondered on ideas to encourage others. Both their wardrobes consist of consist of some sort of athletic leisure, because they both love athletic wear. Their want to encourage others and their love for athletic wear led to the birth of Blaque Elements. 
The name Blaque Elements steams from multiple sources, it’s not just a name. The first word Blaque (pronounce black), is Veronica’s favorite color, but it doesn’t end there. The second word Elements resembles minerals of the earth that create black diamonds. Black diamonds are made when the elements of the earth are pressured. This created the tagline “No Pressure. No Diamond.” The name Blaque Elements in whole represents the pressure we come up against in everyday healthy living, but also a reminder that the reward after we overcome is that of a diamond. A diamond is a piece of wealth, as well as health. We want each individual to know they are “Blaque Diamonds” while wearing Blaque Elements.

All Blaque Elements apparel is handpicked by Veronica, Darrell helps with designing. All items are of the highest quality while offering needed comfort to support your lifestyle.  Each piece is designed to enhance most body types.
Blaque Elements was created to be worn anywhere. We offer athletic leisure and urban wear. Rather your at the gym, running errands, on a date or just relaxing. Your definitely shinning like the “Blaque Diamond” you are!